Thursday, 30 September 2010

Phisher Program Reversed

Step 1 -Head to and download .NET reflector
Step 2 - Run .NET reflector

.NET reflector


Step 3 - Download the phisher you want to reverse
Step 4 - Go into your Downloads folder and grab your phisher into .NET Reflector

.NET reflector


Step 5 - expand your phisher

.NET reflector


Step 6 - Open the one that is the name of the file, not the ".MY", ".MY.RESOURCES", or "-" or "references"

.NET reflector


Step 7 - Theirs usually a form1, expand it

.NET reflector


Step 8 - Look for button1_click, or something very similar, it's usually near the top, right click it and click 

.NET reflector


Step 9 - Now look for Network credentials, and you have the email info

.NET reflector

Step 10 - Go to the email, check the inbox

[How to find phishers on youtube]

What to search for


Meso Generator

NX Generator

Point Generator


Xboxlive generator
Points Generator


Item generator
Gold Generator
Skill Changer


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