Friday, 5 November 2010

How To Bypass Firewall Using Tool

Is Orkut, Facebook,Yahoo blocked on your school, college or office? Then, don't worry. I have a solution for you that will not only unblock all the websites that have been blocked but also make your internet surfing anonymous so that nobody can trace your orignal ip address. As you know that most of the proxy websites are blocked with your school, college or office firewall and even if you find some new proxies they even them block them out. So,why not to move something that is almost a permanent solution.

We will be using a very small and free software called ultrasurf. It will not only allow you to surf blocked websites but it will also give you freedom to stream videos, download and upload files.

Here is the step by step tutorial with screenshots:

1. First you need to Download Ultrasurf.

2. You will get a zipped file with a .exe file in it. Click on it

3. It will start ultra surf and automatically connect to its server.

4. Even it will open your Internet explorer automatically. Now you can have an unblocked and secure to internet.

5. If you want to use ultrasurf on Firefox, you need to download the firefox plugin too: download here

If you are connected to internet through a proxy server then ultrasurf will detect it. If somehow it does not detect the proxy server then you can manually enter your proxy server

To manually enter proxy server

Click on Option > Proxy Setting > Manual Proxy Settings

Note: If you want to use ultrasurf with other applications you need to configure them to use ultrasurf as their proxy client. The Proxy IP address is and the Port is 9666.

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