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Unlock your nokia

Now Anyone can now calculate their own DCT4 Nokia unlock codes, and Unlock their Nokia Cell phones.
If you unlock your phone then you can go to a different provider with the same phone.
 This is usually something for the people with tri-band phones.
 Some take it out of the country and use the phone with the local sim card provider.
  You can now buy phones off ebay, and won't have to pay someone $$ to unlock it for you.
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It has been released for free!! Anyone can now calculate their own  DCT4 Nokia unlock codes. Download CyberGSM and Hollowmans software HERE! (this is their latest release 1.4). Cyber's software seems to work on all Windows operating systems including XP! Also it is the most stable and user friendly!

To calculate the correct unlock code you will need to enter into the software three pieces of information
 about your locked phone:

1) Lock type:
This is either 2 or 5. Always select 2 unless your handset is a 7650, 3650, 3660 N-gage, 6600 in which case select 5.

The 15 digit serial number of your handset. This can be found by pressing *#06# into your handset.

3) Network provider
This refers to the network your handset is locked too. For UK providers
Orange  = 23433
T-Mobile = 23430
Vodafone = 23415
O2 = 23410
Virgin = 23400 (although can vary from handset to handset)

The latest version of Cybers software makes selecting the correct network code very easy indeed!
 Just select the network your handset is locked to using the drop down listboxes.

You can view a page containing a complete world wide list for all network provider codes HERE. (thanks to Yeldar)
Step 1
Unzip cyber & hollowmans software and double click the file named: DCT4 Calculator 1.4.exe

Step 2
Complete the IMEI field, and then select the country and network your handset is locked too using the drop down list boxes. Now you need to select a lock type: either 2 or 5. Always leave this as type 2 UNLESS the phone you want to unlock is a 7650 or 3650 in which case select type 5. You will also See a check box - make sure this REMAINS checked (as this means the software will calculate the latest version 2 codes not the older less reliable version 1 codes) See the screen shot below!
 The program will produce a set of 7 codes, something like those below:
#pw+378826702640327 +1#
#pw+294365624205166 +2#
#pw+843021176162422 +3#
#pw+444037775262334 +4#
#pw+494237425204736 +5#
#pw+733110464133112 +6#
#pw+145234270304737 +7#

Any one of the 7 codes codes will probably unlock your phone but I normally use Code 7 first,
 if that does not work then code 1 and on the rare occasion they both fail I try code 5.

Step 3
Now enter code 7 into your phone with NO sim card in!

To access "p" just press "*" three times within one second. To access "w" press "*" four times within one second.
To access button "+" you have to press twice "*" within less than a second.

If successful you will see the message 'Phone restriction off' (if not you will get a 'code error' message).



Warning and Tips!!!
If the unlock code has been entered incorrectly 5 times or more then upon entering in further codes the phone will display "cannot undo restriction" (or "Not Allowed" for Symbian phones - 7650 / 3650 / N-Gage) message instead of "code error". If you see the "cannot undo restriction" or "Not Allowed"  message then only a proffesional unlocker can help you by using an expensive cable soloution!

If the code does not work after a couple of tries:

1) Double check you have entered the correct IMEI - press *#06# into the handset to display your IMEI. (many people type a digit in wrong)
2) Double check what network the handset is locked too and your network code.
3) Make sure your phone is not already unlocked! sounds daft but some people just don't know what they are doing!

To check if your phone is locked,
 insert a foreign sim into the handset. (i.e. a sim that the handset will not accept)
 - the phone should display  something like 'enter restriction code' - if you do not see this then your phone is not locked!

If Your phone is already unlocked you will always get code error regardless if you enter the correct code or not!!!

As mentioned earlier, to prevent dissapointment please post your details on my forum if you have 3 failed attempts.

 Do not worry, you CAN NOT damage your phone by entering the incorrect code more than 5 times!
 Its just that you will not be able to unlock it even with a correct code if you have!
 So unlocking by codes is very safe! :-)


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